Composer for Film, Television, Video Games, and Media


  Born in Pusan, South Korea, Skylar Hyunsoo Nam had an early start in music and began to learn the piano at the age of five. She made a decision to go to a middle and high school specializing in music.  This experience was the beginning step toward her compositional journey. After graduating high school, she was admitted to Pusan National University with a scholarship.  There, she majored in classical composition. She graduated at the top of her class and was deemed “Best New Composer” of the year, which gave her the opportunity to have her composition performed and recorded at PBC concert hall.  Her composition was also aired on national radio. 

  Following the completion of her college studies, she revisited her passion for film scoring and ended up attending Berklee College of Music with a scholarship, majoring in film scoring and electronic production & sound design.  At Berklee, she received the Doug Timm Award, as well as the very prestigious George Delerue Award, being recognized as one of the top student composers by her professors. And from EPD department, she received the Roland Award for academic achievement. She was also chosen as a composer to score silent movie “Phantom of the Opera.”  Conducting her own compositions with a live orchestra, she toured America and performed in many cities. In 2015, she was given the opportunity to score “Nosferatu”, and have it performed by the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall.

  Skylar Hyunsoo Nam currently works as a composer in Los Angeles, CA.